M. D. Acuff

Acuff sees art making as a strategy for materializing knowledge, a way of constructing meaning from the world. Their recent work speaks to the tangled web of relations—aesthetic, ecological, and material—that define the period in human/geologic history now known as the Anthropocene. Acuff uses images and object to frame the fantasy, nostalgia and denial that characterize this precarious, human-driven, relationship to the planet and its inhabitants.
Instagram: @parched_and_sated


Anna M. Clark

Anna M. Clark is a Brooklyn-based artist and writer originally from Portsmouth, NH. She is the co-founder of Montez Press, a publishing company that publishes texts which strive to write against current critical modalities and theoretical dogmas. Through the gathering of evidence in the form of found material, video, drawings, and text, Anna creates various surfaces which captures elusive features of the intimate, the intuitive and the subjective. At this time, she works most with sound, text and performance.
Instagram: @montezpress


Rachael Dease

Dease is a composer and sound artist who has an interdisciplinary approach, often using installation, film or theatre to present her work. Her primary focus and research for the past several years has been twofold – Exploring how humans relate to death, it’s ritual and the grief process surrounding; and the ever-evolving world of space exploration - using data and technology from various agencies to create scores and soundscapes on which to base new work.
Vimeo: @rachaeldease


Brandy Leary

Leary is a performance artist, dancer and acrobat whose work is concerned with entanglements of bodies and landscapes. In following this thread through her past work into future choreography, she links climate disruption, processes of colonial contact/settlement, the evolution of capitalism as the dominant economic system, the attempted genocide of Indigenous peoples and our current dependency on extraction practices, as inter-related actions that have re-shaped our landscape, bodies and climate patterns.
Instagram: @anandamdance


Justin Levesque

Levesque approaches his interdisciplinary practice with a consideration for the materiality and tradition of formal photography and its relationship to new consumer technologies, image-culture, objects in space, and systems. His work for FREEZE-THAW is provided by several components from a connected network of distinct but related projects made in response to Arctic image consumption, data as the new divine, spatial simulacrum, and corporeal complexity.
Instagram: @onedynamicsystem


Cara Levine

Levine explores the intersections of the physical, metaphysical, traumatic and illusionary through sculpture, video, photography, and socially engaged practice. Her work centers around the idea that the Arctic Landscape cannot be captured through language. While on the Antigua, she repeatedly inserted herself in the landscape in attempt to create language over the landscape. What resulted was a cacophony of images, still and moving, that fail to articulate the indescribable nature that is the “Arctic Landscape.”
Instagram: @cara_levine